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08 June

Announcing New Additions to Direct Drive Dynamo Utility Fans

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PennBarry™ is pleased to announce the addition of new fractional and integral motor options as well as larger sizes for the Direct Drive Dynamo family of centrifugal utility fans. Direct Drive Dynamo utilizes Green Plus™ electronically commutated motors, providing significantly greater efficiency, flexibility and controllability over standard permanent split capacitor motors. At the heart of the Direct Drive Dynamo is a computer-designed, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel. This heavy duty non-overloading aluminum wheel assures low noise and high efficiency performance.

Direct Drive Dynamo offers

  • Superior Efficiency
    • Gplus™ EC motors provide greater efficiency, flexibility, and controllability
    • Computer-validated designed, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel
  • Exceptional Flexibility
    • Expanded offering now includes direct drive models up to 24” wheel diameter
    • Gplus™ EC motor options now available up to 2 HP
  • Intelligent Control
    • Fine-tune motor to exact operating range
    • Ability to connect to a building management system
  • Trusted Reliability
    • EC motor and thermal overload protection are standard
    • Assured quality with rigorous simulation analysis and physical testing.


  • Direct drive EC motor
  • Roof/floor mount utility blower
  • Field rotatable to eight discharge positions
  • Available with clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations
  • Available in sizes 10 to 24
  • Capacity: up to 4,800 CFM, 0 – 3” w.g.
  • UL Certified, and AMCA Certified for sound and air performance


  • Integrate with building management system
  • Compatible with iQ series controllers
    • Intelligent Pressure Control Module (iQ-IPCM)
    • Intelligent Pressure Control Module (iQ-IPCM)

Product availability: June 2017

For more information, contact our office or visit www.pennbarry.com.





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