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10 October

Introducing the NEW Lodronic Low-Temperature Hot Water Unit Heater

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 The LodronicTM has been developed by Modine as the first low-temperature hot water heater in the USA engineered and designed specifically for use with high efficiency boilers.With Lodronic, the typical oversized hydronic unit heater can be downsized and replaced to stop overworking your boiler, maximizing efficiency.

Experience Significant Performance
Improvements with Lodronic*
• 50% less electric used
• 35% higher discharge temperature
• 30% smaller footprint
• 15% lighter
* Compared to HC165

Lodronic is UL1995 certified

Ideal Commercial Applications:
• Warehouses
• Industrial buildings
• Mechanical rooms
• Manufacturing plants
• Entryways

Ideal Residential Applications:
• Garages
• Work rooms

Standard Features
• High-temperature output vs older traditional systems
• High-efficiency 4-row coil with low water pressure drop
• Smaller fan and motor for a lower system amp draw
• Designed for lower entering hot water temperatures

Select from Six Sizes to Perfectly Match Your Application
• 22k to 195k BTU/hr
• 370 to 3200 CFM
• 115, 208, 240, 480, 575V/ I phase
• 208, 240, 480, 575V/ 3 phase

*Hazardous location construction available





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