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04 April

KRUEGER EGCX - 360° Sightproof Egg Crate Return

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EGCX - 360° Sightproof 
Egg Crate Return

One of Krueger's newest product additions is the EGCX, a completely sightproof egg crate return. With its unique core construction, the EGCX blocks the sightline through to the plenum space AT EVERY ANGLE! This allows designers the flexibility to place the grille at any desired location and contractors to install without worry as to the angle of the core.

EGCX Product Features:
- Completely sightproof at every angle
- Cost effective aluminum construction
- Sizes: 10x10, 22x10, 22x22, and 46x22
- Frame Style: F22, Surface Mount, but sized to fit lay-in ceiling applications as well
- Optional Accessory: Plaster frame (58PF),
- Optional Accessory: Debris or insect screen
- Finishes: Mill, Alumican, Black, and British White
- Weight: 5.36lb for 22x22




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