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06 June

Introducing the Powerfully Efficient Zephyr Revolution

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PennBarry™ is pleased to announce availability of the new Zephyr Revolution precision ceiling and inline exhaust fans. Zephyr Revolution exhaust fans are some of the quietest and most powerful airflow management systems on the market. Featuring direct drive EC motors, precision-tuned centrifugal wheels and a CFD optimized inlet, groundbreaking Zephyr Revolution exhaust fans deliver the highest CFM per watt in its class.

Zephyr Revolution
  •  Unmatched efficiency
  •  Unsurpassed sound performance
  •  Unrivaled versatility
  • Unparalleled innovation


  • Unmatched efficiency
    • Precision-tuned forward curved centrifugal wheel and scroll design deliver maximum efficiency
    • CFD optimized inlet to guarantee airflow uniformity
    • Delivers highest airflow for its size
    • Advanced scroll design delivers highest CFM per Watt in its class
  • Unsurpassed sound performance
    • Sound levels down to 0.3 sones available on select models
  • Unrivaled versatility
    • Ceiling and inline applications
      • Capacity from 100-500 CFM, 0 – 1 in.-w.g
    • Five modular configurations leverage common core
      • Ceiling cavity cassette
      • Ceiling cavity right angle discharge
      • Ceiling cavity top discharge
      • Inline horizontal discharge
      • Inline right angle discharge
    • Low profile cassette ideal for height-restricted applications
    • Direct drive, totally enclosed EC motors
    • AMCA certified, UL 705 and UL 507 listed for use over tub and shower
  • Unparalleled innovation
    • Best-in-class research and development
      • CAD, 3D modeling and analysis
      • In-house 3D printing technology
        • Enable prototyping of unconventional scroll designs to achieve maximum performance
          • Expedites design validation of scroll and wheel
      • Ease of serviceability
        • Ceiling cassettes are fully serviceable from interior space
      • Performance and durability
        • Performance and durability
        • 18-gauge housing delivers best-in-class product durability
      • Aesthetically pleasing grille designs, including lighted options
        • Engineered to lessen restrictions and increase efficiencies
        • Lighted grilles use state-of-the-art LED technology


  • Selection of six grille designs, including two lighted grille styles
  • Humidity sensor (115 V) – wall mounted
  • Motion sensor (115 V) – wall or ceiling mounted
  • Washable air filter
  • Ceiling radiation damper
  • Vibration isolation hanger kit
  • Housing brackets
  • Mounting channel assembly
  • 277 V transformer

Product availability: Currently available to order and ready to be shipped July 5, 2017

For more information, contact our office or visit www.pennbarry.com.

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