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18 March


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ECFanGrid is a multiple fan array designed to improve reliability, flexibility and efficiency in new or existing ventilation systems


Continuous and consistent airflow is essential to virtually every facility, making under-performing or unreliable fans simply unacceptable. In addition to reliability concerns, inefficient fans can be a building’s biggest energy consumer. Given the increasing cause for environmental concern, designers should look to select EC plug fans which will not only provide the necessary reliability, Inefficient belt driven fan, as installed in most of the older air handling units but also provide optimum efficiency and environmental benefits. In most fan systems a single fan ECECECEC-TECHNOLOGY is selected for the required system andvarious methods of control are also installed to meet other operating points defined by the system duty such as dampers or variable pitch blades.
In some instances, it is advantageous to use more than one fan in a system, for example when it is necessary for the required operating range of the system to include multiple plug fans running closer to their peak efficiencies, instead of one large fan controlled over wide operating range. Multiple fans for capacity control may be more economical if the cost of operation is critical. By running fans in parallel, when one motor fails, only a portion of the airflow is lost, unlike single fan air handlers.