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Commercial PRODUCTS


  • Change'Air
    • Indoor heat/cool systems for condos and fan systems
    • Indoor condensing units
    • Computer room air conditioning systems
  • Mitsubishi

    Mr Slim ductless air conditioners and heat pumps:

    • City Multi multiple split VRF systems provide sophisticated yet flexible and energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for any size project
    • Industry leaders in year round cooling with the -40 ultra low ambient kits available on the cooling only P-Series models
    • Heat Pumps that heat in temperatures as low as -25 C, with the use of Mitsubishi’s hyper heat technology
    • Zuba Central combines a Mitsubishi heat pump with an air handling unit, designed for Canada’s environment it replaces traditional means of heating and cooling with one quiet, compact highly efficient ducted system that can save significant annual energy costs